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Brent Weber has been working as a sportscaster and journalist for nearly four decades in television, radio, print and the converged media. One of the first sports journalists at CNN to provide editorial content for the network's website back in the mid-1990s, Weber has always been at the forefront of convergent storytelling for the rabid - and demanding sports fan - by any means available.


In a career that has seen Weber earn national and local honors for his reporting and producing, he has worked for the Cable News Network, Fox Sports Net, the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder and a variety of content providers as well as news stations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Chattanooga and Macon.


He wrote The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist to assist young people on their paths toward becoming professional journalists, and updated it in 2015 for the convergent generation in an online edition available from Amazon


For an updated copy of his sports resume, please click the link HERE.  You can find a list of professional references HERE.


You can see some samples of recent work as a sports talent at Scorecard Scribblings or by clicking on one of the windows on this page for career-spanning work from CNN, PBS Radio, CaliforniaLife, Fox Sports, OCN and the NBA's OKC Thunder. For examples of his play-by-play work, please click on the pulldown menu to the right and you will be taken to a playlist of his work in the basketball, baseball and football.


As a sports reporter (and news reporter), you can find dozens of his packages at

Specific playlists include:

Colt 45s Baseball Reel

Radio Reel

2015 Sports Reel

Anchor Reporter Reel

Playbyplay Reel

More Sports Reel 


Here's a list of some of his favorites:

Thunder Road from Air Thunder magazine (FSN)

OCU Women's Wrestling (Fox 25 OKC)

Sugar Ray Leonard Comeback (CNN-SI)

Paul Westphal Coaches HS (CNN-SI)

Okie Noodling Festival (Fox 25 OKC)





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