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I believe education is the key.


Not just the key to life, but the key to being human. Education fuels love. It fuels family. It fuels success in the community. It douses anger, hatred, ignorance and ills. 


That's why I love teaching - and calling myself a lifelong student. My parents were great teachers, as were my sisters and brother. My daughter is at once my greatest teacher and my most inspiring student. My friends and foes have been great teachers. My experience has taught me much. 


I've been fortunate to work as an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, Auburn University, Chapman University, Cypress College, and as a media teacher at the high school level. 


I'm very proud of my students, including the ones who have gone on to work in broadcasting, sports, news, and many other endeavors. 


If you'd like to know more about my experience, click here for my curriculum vitae. You may download my statement of teaching philosophy here. 

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